Toddler Childcare in Albuquerque, NM

toddler science eating healthyLa Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC is a nationally-accredited childcare provider in Albuquerque. We are committed to providing your child with safe toddler childcare infused with Christian values. Teachers in this classroom they loved spending time with toddlers.  They think it is precious when a toddler smiles and laughs.  Teachers and toddlers share times filled with songs, movements, games, fun and learning.

Playing Games

Playing games with your toddler is a valuable learning experience for toddlers. The latest brain research affirms the importance of stimulating toddlers to help their brain cells from connections, paving the way for future learning.  The games our teachers play with your toddler will help to grow connections in your toddler’s brain.  In addition, the games will improve your toddler’s listening and language skills, increase his/her curiosity, and increase their awareness of their body and the world around them.

Healthy Bonds with Loving Teachers

Our toddler childcare program is filled with fun activities, stories, lessons, songs, and games that help develop bonds between toddlers and their teachers. Healthy bonding and attachment to our loving teachers give your toddler the emotional security that is so essential to their total development.  Our Toddler lead teacher has been with La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC since we opened our doors in October 2008. She is a mother of four going to school to get her degree in Early Childhood Education.

Fun, Challenging Environment

Our teachers observe toddlers closely as they interact with their environment and play games with them.  By responding to the toddler’s interests and abilities, our teachers create a healthy and challenging environment that promotes toddlers’ physical, mental, social, and emotional growth.  We are aware that toddlers need time alone.  Sometimes they do not want to be picked up or played with. Our toddler childcare teachers are aware of toddler needs and promote increasing independence throughout the program. With our teachers’ loving time, patience, and warmth, all the activities our teachers do with toddlers provide a beautiful beginning in life.

If you are looking for quality toddler childcare in Albuquerque, please contact us. We are happy to talk with you more about our program and take you on a tour of our facility.

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