Rio Rancho Summer Child Care Program

Activities & FacepaintingAre you in need of a quality child care facility to provide safe, educational care for your school age children? La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC in Rio Rancho provides loving, educational and fun  school age care to working families. Our teachers are committed to your child’s intellectual, social and emotional development and our  school age day care program promotes a love of learning for your child in a clean, educational environment. 

Spanish Immersion Child Care

We at La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC are committed to providing Rio Rancho children with a Spanish immersion education. The majority of our staff is Spanish immersion allowing us to provide Spanish immersion childcare services. Our school age day care program, offers activities that will introduce your child to Spanish in a fun, educational way.

Our Quality  School Age Day Care Program

Our child care facility is designed for school children under the age of 12. The program focuses on Spanish, mathematics, science, literacy and offers a robotics program that allows your child to build and program their own robot (with the aid of adult supervision of course!). Other activities your child might engage in include:Kids Playing with Toy

  • Walks
  • Affordable Gymnastics (Optional)

Our child care facility also offers winter and summer day care programs that will keep your child busy with arts and crafts, keyboard lessons, gardening, robotics and fun science experiments!

Enroll Your Child to Get the Highest Quality Child Care

La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC upholds the highest standards that teachers must meet in order to be a caregiver. About 63% of our staff possesses bachelor’s degrees and we ensure that your child will receive loving, compassionate and effective education at affordable rates. Our student-teacher ratio is extremely low ensuring your child gets the proper attention they need to flourish in their K-12 education. Contact us to learn more about our school age day care program today!

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