Kindergarten Program in Rio Rancho

As the best-selling title says, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.” Where you send your child for kindergarten will make a life-long impact on their academic and their character development.  The pkindergarten program at La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC nurtures your child’s complete development—cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual.PreK math learning

Comprehensive Curriculum

Your child will develop a love of learning in our multi-subject kindergarten curriculum. We use the Creative Curriculum in Spanish and lots of hands-on activities to promote learning:
    • Language Our goal is to have your child reading by the end of the year! Your child will also begin writing and penmanship instruction.
    • Math Building on our kindergarten math goals, your child will learn to add, subtract, tell time, and count money.
    • Science and Social Studies Your child will learn to investigate the world around them through scientific experiments and cultural observations.
    • Spanish Your child will be immersed in Spanish through daily conversation and songs.
In addition to these classroom lessons, your child’s physical development is also addressed in our kindergarten program through weekly gymnastics lessons that improve your child’s strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Christian Context

At La Esperanza Child Development Center, LLC, your child’s spiritual development is as important as their intellectual development. So, we strive to incorporate Christian values into your child’s classroom experience in a number of ways. Our teachers create a safe, nurturing environment in which your child is encouraged to interact with their peers and teachers in a loving, respectful way.

To learn more about our Rio Rancho kindergarten program, call 505-896-6764 today!