Zoo Field Trip

Dear Parents,

Mark your calendars! Thursday May 26, 2011 the whole center is going to the zoo.  This is a family activity therefore your child must be accompanied by a parent/adult (sibblings are welcome).  Cost will be $1.50 per child and $3.00 per adult. There is a sign up sheet posted on each classroom board. Research shows that parent involvement in school activities is a key component for a child to be successful in his/her education. Thank you for your cooperation!

Dress appropiate

Dear parents,

Please make sure to check our city weather forecast and  dress your child appropiate.  Also, bring your child updated immunization and yearly medical check-up records to your parent-teacher conference.  Remember, we need to keep in file updated immunization record and a medical check-up record within a year.  Thank You for your cooperation.

April 28, 2011

Dear Parents,

The preschoolers are going to their fieldtrip  tomorrow Friday April 29, 2011.  Please make sure your child (and you if you are going) to be at the center no later than 9:00am.  Remember that all children need to have a New Mexico approved carseat.  Also, do not forget to pack a sack lunch (no warm-ups), water bottle, hat, and a light jacket.  We are going to be back at the center no later than 1:30pm.  Finally, make sure to apply sunscreen to your child.

Thank You!

Tuesday, April 26 2011

Dear Parents,

We are looking into the possibility of offering lunch through a catering company.  We have asked around to find the most competitive price.  The average cost we have found is $2.65 per lunch daily.  In order to offer this service there has to be a minimum of 20 lunches daily.   Therefore we are surveying our families to find out if you are interested in this lunch program.  You will find a checklist on each classroom bulletin board.  Please find the name of your child and mark “yes” or “no” according to your interest.
Catering companies supply nutritious meals that follow the guidelines set by the USDA.  Menus are based on the traditional meal pattern, which offers children an entrée, vegetable, fruit, grain, and milk.  All the recipes and menus used have been approved by the necessary governmental entities, reviewed by a nutritionist and are filled with foods children enjoy.

La Esperanza Staff